Collosus DHX was selected in the top ten best bikes in the GRAVITY category and Cozmic DX also includes the best selection in BEST OF 2014 by  ”World of MTB - German Magazine” - 

Collosus DHX was selected in the top ten best bikes in the GRAVITY category and Cozmic DX also includes the best selection in BEST OF 2014 by  ”World of MTB - German Magazine” - 


FIRSTLINE-MEDIA adalah penyedia layanan informasi bisnis yang memantau, menganalisa dan menarik pengetahuan dari berita/media, mengumpulkan opini publik untuk membantu klien memahami tren yang paling penting dan yang berpengaruh pada bisnis klien pada saat ini ataupun masa depan. 

Kami mengkombinasikan teknologi dan keahlian SDM untuk memastikan bahwa klien kami mengidentifikasi apa yang penting dalam sebuah lanskap media yang semakin kompleks dan beragam.

Mengenal Media Monitoring - Indonesian Media Monitoring Service

// FIRSTLINE-MEDIA - Media Analysis//

If you believe that media monitoring is an essential part of your work, and are interested in receiving not only media coverage, but also an analysis of such coverage.

We can help, Our dedicated team of experienced analysts with knowledge across a range of industry sectors intelligently evaluate your news coverage for a range of predefined and criteria suggested by you.

Using a number of evaluation techniques we can measure the effectiveness of your media campaign and present the results in an easy-to-read report.

The analysis of the relevant news coverage provides you highlights of the level and type of media exposure and its impact. It also offers you valuable insights to plan your media strategy.

Some of the media analysis & evaluation parameters would be:

a). Coverage Volume.
b). Share of Voice.
c). Tone of Coverage.
d). Size.
e). Circulation Figures.

FIRSTLINE-MEDIA delivers customized analytical reports in Word, PDF and Powerpoint formats featuring summaries to identify key trends, charts and graphs providing easier understanding of your media exposure and its overall impact.

The media analysis reports are delivered on a monthly, quarterly basis to you in electronic and hard copy format.

// FIRSTLINE-MEDIA - Why Media Monitoring ?//

Why Media Monitoring ?
The results of your media tracking can become the foundation for a more in-depth analysis of the quality of your media exposure. In addition to this, It would also provide you guidance on how to plan forthcoming communication activities.

In order to help you become more effective at all your PR initiatives, FIRSTLINE-MEDIA offers you industry’s most comprehensive media coverage from Indonesian print media, Indonesian electronic media, newswires and websites.

We monitor the effectiveness of your media campaigns and evaluate industry trends to provide tailored media management solutions.

// FIRSTLINE-MEDIA - Media Monitoring//

FIRSTLINE-MEDIA - Media Monitoring
FIRSTLINE-MEDIA Is the leading provider of media monitoring service in Indonesia. As a company that specializes in media monitoring, 

FIRSTLINE-MEDIA services helps corporate communications, public relations,advertising and research professionals improve their ability toaccess, understand and use media coverage as key components for communicating more effectively and making informed business decisions.

FIRSTLINE-MEDIA Services help corporate communications, public relations, advertising and research professionals to enhance their ability to access, understand and use the media as a key component to communicate more effectively and as a basis for consideration in strategic decisions. 

See more at: http://www.firstline-media.com/

Online shop. Baju, Kaos anak branded. Otterkid www.otterkid.com

Online shop. Baju, Kaos anak branded. Otterkid www.otterkid.com

Kaos anak keren OTTERKID. Trouble Maker

Kaos anak keren OTTERKID. Trouble Maker

The XC Sport Series offers sport riders and those with race aspirations an affordable and race capable platform for great times on the trail and fast skills improvement. 


For high performance sport riders who want a full suspension platform for sport class racing or fast, fun trail riding over any terrain. Stiff and light ALX alloy frame features RF suspension that delivers 4.7” of supple rear wheel travel while the Rockshox 30 Gold Solo Air provides sure-footed front end control. Shimano Deore 30sp. group and MT35FR wheelset provide reliable performance.


// COLLOSUS DHX, AXX, and TX3 //


When Polygon partnered with the Hutchinson UR Team we knew we were getting some of the top athletes of the sport. Their confidence in our ability to provide great DH bikes as well as bikes that deliver world class performance in every discipline was well founded as the team has been racking up top finishes at high profile events around the world. In fact, Mick Hannah rode a variety of models including DHX, AXX, and a prototype 4X design with the option of TX3 a on his way to winning the title as Les 2 Alpes showcasing his talents as the best all around rider.

But more than just sponsored athletes, our team riders and technicians are an integral part of our global design team. With their input our international team of engineers and designers can respond quickly, reworking and refining our designs to maintain a competitive edge. This continuous development process was born from our global design team approach and delivers the promise of more good things to come.



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